DAI 2019 - Accepted Papers

Full papers

2 Mistakes in Games. Sam Ganzfried.
7 Asynchronous Classification-Based Optimization. Yu-Ren Liu, Yi-Qi Hu, Hong Qian, Yang Yu.
9 Double Auction Design on Networks. Junping Xu, Xin He, Dengji Zhao.
11 Factorized Q-Learning for Large-Scale Multi-Agent Systems. Ming Zhou, Yong Chen, Ying Wen, Yaodong Yang, Yufeng Su, Weinan Zhang, Dell Zhang, Jun Wang.
13 Generative Adversarial Exploration for Reinforcement Learning. Weijun Hong, Menghui Zhu, Minghuan Liu, Weinan Zhang, Ming Zhou, Yong Yu, Peng Sun.
21 Approval Voting with Costly Information. Michael Gershtein, David Sarne and Yonatan Aumann.
22 An Efficient Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Learning Deterministic Policies in Continuous Domains. Matthieu Zimmer, Paul Weng.
24 Information Disclosure and Partner Management in Affiliate Marketing. Sharadhi Alape Suryanarayana, David Sarne, Sarit Kraus.
25 A Distributed Solver for Multi-Agent Path Finding Problems. Poom Pianpak, Tran Cao Son, Zachary O. Toups, William Yeoh.
29 Achieving Cooperation Through Deep Multiagent Reinforcement Learning in Sequential Prisoner’s Dilemmas. Weixun Wang, Jianye Hao, Yixi Wang, Matthew E. Taylor.
31 Stochastic Multi-Agent Planning with Partial State Models. Feng Wu.

Short papers

ID:26 Moral Hazard in Game of Miners. Jingchang Sun, Yulong Zeng.
ID:36 Rediscovery of Myerson’s Auction via Primal-Dual Analysis. Song Zuo.