Decentralized DAI, Towards a Seamless AI Life

Baofeng Zhang

Intelligent experiences should be user-centric, future is determined to build a world with ubiquitous connectivity and pervasive intelligence across all scenarios. Those intelligent devices around the end-users have connected as a network, behave like on logical ONE device, which naturally form a special and giant distributed AI system. How to bring each end-user a seamless AI life through this type of Distributed AI system? There come four main challenges basing on our analysis including: dynamic system structure, that any user may access to or quit the system at any time; heterogeneous devices, that we have different kinds of devices with different capability to sensing the world; multi-device collaboration, that makes all devices to cooperate to handle AI tasks; device adaptation, that makes models fit the resource constraint of each device. We raise those open problems and share some thoughts on this direction, to approach the goal to benefit all users’life together with partners.

  Baofeng Zhang leads CTO office of Huawei's consumer BG Software Dept. now, responsible for long-term tech exploring & technical strategic cooperation, identify key areas (e.g. AI) related friction points from the customers’ perspective and define/solve technical problems. From 2017 to 2019, he founded the Intelligent Engineering Dept. from zero, and successfully delivered Huawei Intelligent Assistant Products (e.g. HiVoice, HiVision and HiBoard) for all type of intelligent devices and HiAI Open Platform for 3rd parties, successfully support strategy “Mobile AI, from smart to intelligent”, covering nearly full AI stack software, e.g. computer vision, speech & language, dialogue, and atom ability openness platform. From 2011 to 2016, he is the founder of Huawei Noah’s Ark lab, and served as deputy director of lab together with top AI scientists, responsible for the long-term technical research work in the field of data science, which the research direction is data mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Baofeng also served as a member of China “Core-electronics, High-end-general-Chips, and Infrastructural-software” expert group and China CCF big data expert group; he is experienced in international and national standards organization activities, having been the rapporteur of Q6/13 for FMC and MM in ITU Telecommunication Union, and the vice group leader of Network General Group in Technical Committee 3. Baofeng join Huawei after graduating from Nanjing University in 1998, has more than 20 years of work experience in the field of information technology. He has been held a number of positions in research, product development, system design, product management and standard area, which involving the product areas include traditional telephone switches, data Communications, mobile terminal and mobile networks.