inspir.ai : From StarCraft to Decision-making Intelligence

Quan Yuan

Inspir.ai’s vision is to build intelligence and inspire people. StarCraft II is the next milestone for decision-making intelligence and AGI after Deepmind solved computer Go. Since the inception of inspir.ai in 2017, we choose StarCraftII as our research platform and continuously improve our agent StarCraft Commander(SCC). Now it can beat Golden level human amateur player in full game. In this talk, I will talk about some innovative technologies behind SCC, such as inspir.ai’s large-scale distributed training platform for multi-agent, multi-commander architecture and continual learning, etc., as well as their applications in real world, such as games and decision-support systems.

  Quan Yuan, founder & CEO of inspir.ai,former Sr.director of Alibaba Cognitive Computing Lab, founder of Taobao recommendation team, who leads the team transforms mobile Taobao into a personalisation and intelligent app, thus won Alibaba CEO Special Contribution Award. Before that, Quan is a staff researcher in IBM Research China, published dozens of papers and patents in SIGKDD, ACM RecSys, SDM, etc.